General Helpful Links

General History Resources

  1. Project Gutenberg – Great Books.
  2. Eyewitness to History
  3. National Geographic MapMaker Interactive – Explore your world with map themes, data, and tools for customizing your map.
  4. The Machiavelli Project (View Download)
  5. The Galileo Project (View Download)
  6. Summary of his life: from the Thomas More Project (View Download)
  7. Study questions : for a Man for All Seasons by Bolt (View Download)
  8. Maps of War – Visual history of war, religion, and government.
  9. Iran Bibliography – Resources for the Study of Iran.
  10. 15th-Century Renaissance Art
  11. World Religions
  12. The Thomas More Project (View Download)
  13. MWH Maps
  14. Active History
  15. Top Breaking News Headlines
  16. Biographical lifelines and maps from Hyperhistory
  17. History Net
  18. Student Resources – Students for Modern World History can access their “Guided Readings” by clicking on
  20. Archnet – ArchNet – covers architecture throughout the world.
  21. The Bill Douglas Center for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture – This archive houses the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection at the University of Exeter.
  22. Additional History Links and Resources

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