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Very good and helpful websites sites: (Textbook site) (American Documents) (Analysis of evidence forms) (general) (workers) (general) (general) (American Pageant Weblinks) (American Pageant Primary Sources)  (Cram Packet/Review) (Betsy Newmark – great) (Webography) (starving time) (Indentured Servitude) (Bacon’s Rebellion) (Advertising Pennsylvania) (Great Awakening) (Letters From an American Farmer) (Common Sense)


Launching the new Republic (Joseph Brant)

Era of the War of 1812 (Daniel Boone on Kentucky) (Louisiana Purchase) (Marbury v Madison)


The Transformation of American Society, 1815-1840’s (Star Spangled Banner) (Hartford Convention) (McCulloch v Maryland) (Dartmouth College v Woodward) (Gibbons  v Ogden) (Lowell Girls on Strike) (Cherokee Nation) (Bank Veto) (Worcester v Georgia) (Seneca Falls)

The Old South, Slavery, Immigration, Expansion-to 1848 (Strange Cargo) (Nat Turner) (Underground Railroad) (Travis’ Letter from Alamo) (Narcissa Whitman) (Leg I Left Behind)

Mid-Nineteenth Century (Editorials on Kansas-Nebraska) (Crime Against Kansas) (Sumner Brooks Fight) (Dred Scott) (Republican Party Platform) (John Brown) (Crittenden Compromise)

The U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877 (Ex parte Merryman) (Battle Hymn) (Pacific Railway)

1870’s-1914 US settles and the Second Industrial Revolution (Sand Creek) (Ft. Laramie) (Buffalo Hunting) (Ghost Dance) (Wounded Knee) (Sitting Bull)  (Jewtown) (The Sweaters of Jewtown) (Photos/Ill.)  (virtual tour of tenement)  (Jewtown) (The Sweaters of Jewtown) (Photos/Ill.)  (virtual tour of tenement) (anti-imperialism) (Gospel of Wealth) (Open Door) (Panama) (Standard Oil)

WWI ( Wilson’s Neutrality) (O’Hare) (Fourteen Points) (Espionage Act)

Depression and New Deal (First Inaugural – listen) (Text of a Fireside Chat) (WPA Workers’ Handbook)

World War II Era (TVA) (Quarantine Speech) (Arsenal of Democracy) (Four Freedoms) (Reuben James) (Atlantic Charter) (Date in Infamy) (Marshall Plan)

Cold War and After (Roe v Wade) (War Powers Act) (Nixon Tapes) (Evil Empire Speech)